List of Assays

BASi has developed over 1100 analytical methods. What you see below is only a partial list, those assays we can discuss publicly. The majority of assays we perform are confidential and proprietary. Our analytical expertise is much broader than this list may imply, and we are constantly developing additional methods. Be sure to ask if you don't see precisely what you want on this list.

Therapeutic Category:
All | Analgesic | Antidiabetic | Antibiotic | Antiviral | Biomarker | Cardiac | Gastric | Neurology/CNS | Oncology | Steroid

Test Article Matrix Anticoagulant Assay Type LLOQ Isotope IS
Dexamethasone Porcine Plasma EDTA LC-MS/MS 0.100 ng/mL
Dexamethasone Dog Plasma & Vein Tissue EDTA & N/A LC-MS/MS 0.100, 1.00 ng/mL, ng/g
Dexamethasone Endocardial and Myocardial Tissues N/A LC-MS/MS 1.00 ng/g
Dexamethasone Rabbit Plasma EDTA LC-MS/MS 0.2 ng/mL Yes
Dexamethasone Phosphate Rabbit Plasma EDTA LC-MS/MS 0.2 ng/mL Yes
Cortisol Human Plasma N/A LC-MS/MS 10 ng/mL No