Surgical Instrument Kit

The BASi® basic surgical instrument kit includes a collection of surgical instruments, recommended suture materials, and other small items used when preparing animals for microdialysis or ultrafiltration experiments. Additional surgical accessories may be ordered separately (see Ordering Information, below). Kit instruments are packaged in a soft cloth storage pouch. Contents include:

  • Iris Tissue Forceps
  • #10 Scalpel Blades (12)
  • #3 Scalpel Handle
  • Serrefine Clamps (2)
  • 5.5" Kelly Forceps (2)
  • Jeweler Forceps
  • Needle Holder
  • Iris Scissors
  • Operating Scissors
  • Bone Wax
  • #14 Surgeon's Needles (12)
  • #18 Surgeon's Needles (12)
  • Suture Thread and Dispenser
  • Surgical Introducer Needle
  • Bottle of Veterinary Glue
  • Soft Cloth Instrument Pouch

Additional accessories and individual Instrument Kit items are listed below.

Acrylic and Bone Wax

The two part acrylic cement (MD-1300) is the cost effective way to secure your IC cannula in place. One kit will provide sufficient material to prepare up to 8 implants.

Bone wax serves to stop or retard bleeding from the bone (MR-5309). It can be a useful tool during stereotaxic surgery.

Ordering Information

MF-5365 Surgical Instrument Kit
MF-5182 Bone Screws - Stainless Steel (for rats) 100/pkg.
MD-1310 Bone Screws - SS self-tapping (for mice or rats) 50/pkg.
MF-5362 Drill bits for bone screws, 5/pkg.
MF-5176 Bone Trephine Drills for BR probes and guides (not for mice), 3/pkg.
MD-1360 Bone Drill Bits for MBR probes and guides, 5/pkg.
MF-5363 Mini-screwdriver set
MD-1300 Dental acrylic kit
MR-5300 Iris tissue forceps
MR-5301 #10 scalpel blades, 10/pkg.
MR-5302 #3 Scalpel handle
MR-5303 Serrefine clamps, 2/pkg.
MR-5304 5.5" Kelly forceps, 2/pkg.
MR-5305 Jeweler forceps
MR-5306 Mayo Hegar Needle holder 6"
MR-5307 Iris scissors
MR-5308 Operating scissors
MR-5309 Bone wax (1 eaa, 2.5g)
MR-5310 #14 surgeon's needles, 12/pkg.
MR-5311 #18 surgeon's needles, 12/pkg.
MR-5312 Suture thread and dispenser
MR-5313 Surgical introducer needle
MR-5314 Veterinary bonding glue
A-1225 Soft cloth instrument pouch